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Inhale the future, Exhale the past

When I was mentally preparing for the sharing of my personal episode on and our listener voted “Self Care "episode this photo from me at the gym spoke to me. The expression on this tank top and the Gym got me through so many of my struggles. I would literally visualize myself pushing out all the anxious negative energy and breath in the positive. I made this post on social media at the peak of my struggles. I was wearing my “Mask” to the world as a strong, healthy, independent woman but that was far from what I was feeling inside. This is a friendly reminder to always be kind, don’t judge or assume things about people when you don’t know or understand what their internal struggles may be. I feel like a much more authentic version of myself today, as I continue to practice “Breathing in the future and exhaling the past.”

Much love ~Tracey~ P.S. I wore out this tank top, time for a replacement!

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